Media Awards

Commercial Awards

MNDA 'Sarah's Story' - Winner Best Sound/Editing D&AD, BTA Craft Best Commercial, Best Sound.
Adidas 'Performance' - Winner Best Editing - D@AD
SKY Witness ' Be the Witness'  - Winner Best Brand identity - Promax UK
Metro - 'Last Light'  Winner Best Direction - London International Awards
HSBC 'Bad Boy' -  Best Editing - D&AD
Kiss FM -  Best Editing - D&AD
Sony 'Places' - Best Editing - D&AD
Reuters 'Pet Shop' -  Best Editing - D&AD
Vodaphone 'Message' - Best Editing - D&AD
Hennessy '7 Worlds' - Winner Best CGI D&AD
SyFy Channel 'Boy Meets Girl' - Winner - ACIP awards
FANTA '13th Floor' - Winner Best Experiential in VR - Media Week

'There Was a Man'  Short film BBC New Directors Award - Winner 

Below are recent articles on projects in my editorial capacity for Hennessy XO with Ridley Scott and the Virtual Reality experience I directed for Fanta.

Current Feature Projects

Meal in Winter

Venom of the Muse